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cropped Sunyata
Sunday Morning Reflection _East Sydney_G
Triptych Papou to Infinity
Kythera image 3
King of Kogarah (detail)

"Reality imagined" is the idea I'm presently enamored with. Not the sublunary temporal reality of day to day existence but something that is imagined and transcendent. It is my belief that art made in the service of an imagination that favors the belief in an obscure sense of promise, lurking behind our everyday existence, is art that offers the possibility of glimpsing the truth.    

“The inception of human consciousness, the genesis of awareness, must have entailed prolonged 'condensations' around intractable nodes of wonder and terror, at the discriminations to be made between the self and the other, between being and non-being (the discovery of the scandal of death).” 
― George Steiner
Real Presences

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